Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Waffle from Marvin's

I woke up this morning to a beautiful day. A perfect preview to the most wonderful month of weather in this city. September in Washington D.C is almost as perfect as starting your Sunday and the week off at Marvin's on U street.

My absolute most favorite meal of the day will always be breakfast. But the joy of weekends means the day does not start as early and thus brunch was invented for people like me-the lovers of the morning meal who stay between the sheets just a little late on those two special days of the week.

Just like my hunt for the perfect Mexican Restaurant- I am always trying new brunch spots. However, none ever compare or deliver like Marvin's at 14th and U street NW. It is my go to spot for that weekend meal that is in between the hours of 11 a.m and 1 p.m. Not that this place even needs a review or mention because pretty much everyone knows about this fantastic food spot. Let me be clear- this is no testament or comment to Marvin's as a bar or dinner spot. I am only attesting to the Sunday brunch.

Lets start with as soon as you walk in the door- the fact that there is never a wait. No matter the time or how many folks seem to be lallygagging around the bar area, it seems we are always immediately sat down-even without a reservation. Once seated, everyone is instantly served a shot glass full of orange juice and a glass of water.

From there I ordered the Mimosa of the day, which this particular day was a Pear Mimosa, and it was smooth, crisp and wonderful (and mostly champagne!). All mimosas are only $4!!! Great breakfast booze bargain! The table ordered coffee as well, which Marvin's serves in a French Press. This technique produces incredible tasting, strong, rich yet smooth coffee that for those who are serious about their morning joe will truly appreciate.

The coffee and mimosa are just a introduction to the rest of what can only be described as ...heaven. I always order the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Waffle, which is scrambled eggs, white cheddar cheese and applewood smoked bacon sandwiched between two Belgian waffles. It is served with a side of maple syrup and a pile of fresh fruit. Every bite is delicious. The eggs aren't too soggy, the bacon is not tough, and the the very outer layer of the waffle is a little crisp in order to hold the sandwich together, while the rest of the waffle is soft and fluffy. And what is the price of this heaven? $10! That's it. What a deal....more like a steal!

If you are more a die-hard Eggs Benedict bruncher- you can turn to what my best friend always orders. Eggs Benedict that is made with a biscuit! Apparently in the world of Eggs Benedict, this small change in bread is an incredible variation and to us girls from the south- it is the best way to serve to serve this morning meal.

Along with fantastic food, drinks and decor, Marvin's has some of the best servers. I understand that many have not had the same luck with the evening bartenders but the Sunday brunch service is unbeatable. Not to mention they all are so freaking stylish AND gorgeous that I swear it makes the coffee richer, the food quicker, and the morning better.


  1. Eggs Benedict at Marvin's = God's gift to DC Sunday's at noon...

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