Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Turkey Burger and Sangria from The Heights

The Burger Battle is very much like all categorical food competitions.

Where can I get the best Burger in DC? Where can I get the best Pizza in D.C ? Where can I get the best Margarita in D.C?

When I dine, when I spend money, and when I go whatever distance to curb my craving- I want to cut out all the wasted time and money and just get "The Best". The problem with awarding "the best" is obviously that the opinion is relative to the consumer. For example, the common opinion held that one can find the best Mexican food in D.C. at Lauriol Plaza, in my opinion, is NOT true. So I qualify this post (and all future posts) with an understanding that perhaps someone out there will think I am full of crap! (I'm aware this is fully possible).

But when I crave that delicious, juicy and flavor-filled burger experience, I head straight to my local favorite- The Heights. I order the Turkey Burger cooked medium, with Swiss cheese, and I substitute the Sun dried Tomato Pesto instead of Red Pepper Relish that it comes with. I can guarantee that this burger trumps any beef burger out there AND is better for you! It comes on a lightly toasted Onion Roll with these hand cut perfect fries (even though they never give me enough fries). The burger is BURSTING with flavor and juicy (if ordered medium). I know what you are thinking..if you are going to get a burger, you might as well get the big fatty fat chunk-mc-gee burger. And of course, there are those guys that think ground turkey is for sissy boys. However, I have tested my theory on many male and female friends and they all agree that it is one of the best burgers they have tried.

Given the weather, this entree is really nice when accompanied with the White Wine Sangria. At the Heights, it is perfectly refreshing with hints of peach, blueberries, melon, apples and citrus fruits. It does not strongly lean towards any particular fruit flavor and it isn't really sweet or tangy. It is just smooth, light and a wonderful outdoor cocktail. (A pitcher is only $25 and can easily quench the thirst of 4 people).

This duo, on the patio of The Heights, will cost you $20 bucks. But you leave with a fully satisfied craving and a slight buzz.

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  1. I fully agree that when it comes to determing "the best" of any particular food item, results may vary according to the palate of every taster. With that in mind, I think you can rest assured that your idea of the 'bests' in DC will not be off-putting in any way, seeing as how you take the time to fully describe what makes each item taste the best to you. The only thing I need to add here is a description of the fries - they are one of my favorites at the Heights. They are never large cut fries, always thin and short which assures that they will be cooked to (what I consider) perfection: heavenly somewhere in between crispy and soft. There's always a nice crunch to the outside, and a little softness on the inside. Match this with the perfect amount of salt, and the usual accompaniment of one of their sauces (chipotle mayonnaise, herbed tartar) and you have a dish which in my mind, will always qualify as one of the best.

    And p.s. everyone knows the best mojitos in town are at Citron in Dupont.
    p.p.s Lauriol is good if you want to enjoy a margarita with your dog. Otherwise you and I both know the cheap pitchers at El Tamarindo are the best.